The Good Shop – Collaboration

LOTS x The Good Shop

The Meetup

Back in August 2021, Daisy (Head of Missions Growth) came to us seeking support for her new project. After having that conversation we knew instantly that this was an initiative we wanted to support. The point being – waste is inevitable in any industry.

We started off with visiting our warehouses in Baie du Tombeau and collecting all the materials, and we eventually sent our first full lorry truck over to their workshop in Magalkan, Curepipe. The great feedback and products they were able to make out of the meranti was inspiring!

The Initiative

Over the past year we have sent 2 full truck loads of materials to The Good Shop, and seen constant improvement in what they were able to transform the “waste” into: tables, chairs, consoles and many more.

As resources become more scarce, we want to encourage people to be more responsible with their materials. Reduce, Reuse, Recondition, Recycle, be creative the possibilities are endless.

What the good shop has built is remarkable – after a visit to their Head Quarters and Workshop we saw how they had built something out of nothing. How all the waste was collected, sorted, and utilised in various of their programs. Seeing the way they worked helped us better understand how and where we could help further. We are working together to bring lasting change, to revolutionise what we mean by waste and to invite others to do the same.

Working with The Good Shop Repair Renew Recycle for the past year has given us an amazing insight on how far our “waste” can go, as well as being responsible towards our society. Employing the less abled, providing jobs but most importantly giving hope and confidence back to those that have lost it – a little goes further than what we would have imagined.

How You Can Help

Please have a look at their amazing and unique pieces hand crafted by local artisans. Supporting The Good Shop Mauritius means supporting our local circular economy.

We invite you to find out more about their initiative on their website – find out how you can help!

We challenge ourselves to be better citizens of the world everyday. We are honoured to support their initiative and hope that you will too.

Isabelle Li Tung Sang

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