Treated Pine

Treated Pine Planks

Please ask your salesperson according to your grade requirement

  • S&B Grade – This grade has very few knots.
  • PN Grade – This grade is knot-free for those looking for more stability, durability and uniformity.

All our Pine timber are kiln dried (KD). On top of the KD process, a chemical treatment is applied to repel termites and prolong the lifespan of the product.


  • timber treated with this treatment can be used in exterior applications that are coated and not in contact with the ground. Such applications may be exposed to the full effects of weather, such as vertical exterior walls and other types of construction that allow water to drain.
  • the active ingredients that are found in this treatment are commonly found in household insecticides and agricultural crop control products so they are safe for household use.
  • GreenGuardTM treatment is a responsible wood preservative that has low environmental impact because it is biodegradable.


  • CCA is our strongest treatment available and contains elements that are responsible for repelling insects, fungi, bacteria, wood-borers and marine borers that tend to thrive in wood. It also prevents termites and rotting of wood.
  • CCA treated timber is used exclusively for exterior applications where structures are exposed to weathering or harsh marine conditions, and/or are in direct contact with the ground or water.

Also available in untreated pine. Please check with our sales team for stock availability.

Thickness Widths available Lengths available
1" (22 mm planed) 8" (195mm planed) 10ft - 20ft (3m - 6m)
1.5" (35 mm planed) 8" (195mm planed) 10ft - 20ft (3m - 6m)
2" (45 mm planed) 8" (195mm planed) 10ft - 20ft (3m - 6m)

Round Treated Pine Poles

Round treated pine poles are exclusively used for outdoor applications and are CCA treated, which makes them weather and insect-resistant.

We can cut and rip as per your requirement.

Please check with your salesperson for stock availability.

Diameter Available Lengths
50 mm 2m40
75 mm 2m70 and 3m00
100 mm 5m80
125 mm 5m80
150 mm 5m80
200 mm 5m80

Square Treated Pine Poles

Treated Pine Cladding / Screening

Please call your salesperson for different options available. Available as round, square or rhombus profiles.

Treated Pine Pickets

Dimensions: 1″ x 3″ x 3ft.

Price: Rs 125 per piece vat incl.

Treated Pine Rods (Tringles)

1″ x 2″ rods available in lengths 4ft-18ft.

1″ x 2″ rods (tringles) also available in meranti wood.

We can take custom orders for your choice of wood in your desired dimensions too.