Lots of experience

With over 30 years of experience in the imports and sales of timber in Mauritius, LOTS (registered as Li Tung Sang & Co Ltd) is acknowledged as an all-encompassing timber solutions provider for the construction and furniture industries, facilitating projects from mega to individual scales. Our high-quality products target indoor and outdoor furniture makers, house and building contractors as well as individual clients.

Lots of heritage

Every business has a beginning, and ours dates back three generations ago. Founded by Mr Ah Chow Li Tung Sang, the company was popularised as Chantier Dragon D’Or. Back then Chantier Dragon D’or sold quincaillerie and hardware items. As the company focused more on timber products and derivatives, business flourished as it was being passed on to younger and more dynamic generations, who brought on innovation. Today, trading as LOTS, it is still run by the same family and they strive to be even closer to their clients by providing state of the art quality products and excellent service.

Lots of responsibilities

At LOTS, we challenge ourselves every day to find new ways to embed sustainability throughout our business. This is why we want to show our responsibility in environmental protection by promoting wood as a renewable and environmentally friendly building material.

Our history


The Origin

Initially trading as Chantier Dragon D'or, the company was set up as a family business dealing as a quincaillerie, hardware shop and timber shop. Operations mainly on Arsenal Road and Farquar Road in Port Louis.


Chantier Dragon D'or acquires new warehouses.


Li Tung Sang & Co. Ltd is incorporated. Mr and Mrs. Ah Chow Li Tung Sang run the business, and recruit new staff.


Ahvee Li Tung Sang (current director) joins the company, and eventually his wife Cindy.

1993 - 1999

LTS acquires multiple warehouses

Early 2000s

We close the small shop on Farquar street, and relocate all main activities to Abattoir Road, Port Louis. Product portfolio grows with the addition of new products such as plywood melamine, aluminium profiles etc.


The third generation of the family joins the business; Sharon, the daughter of Ahvee, and Jonathan, her husband. The company is rebranded to Chantier LTS, and we launch our first website chantierlts.com.

Febuary 2017

We lose the founder of Chantier Dragon D'Or, Mr Ah-Chow Li Tung Sang.


The Covid-19 pandemic hits. Isabelle, daughter of Ahvee, joins the company.

June 2021

Chantier LTS rebrands to LOTS.